Waste – information in English

New in Karmøy? Here is some key information for you if you can not read Norwegian!

Waste handling is compulsary in Norway. That means that if you live in a house of flat, you have to comply with the local regulations for waste handling, and you have to pay the Waste fee set by Karmøy kommune. The fee is adjusted to reflect the actual cost of handling the Waste in Karmøy, divided by all customers. No more, no less.

Why recycle?

Recycling is important to reduce the environmental impact of the lives we live. By using the local waste management system you contribute to redusing the risk of waste polluting nature, reduce the risk that dangerous chemicals end up in nature, and limit the emission of climate gasses. The more we recycle, the less virgin materials we need to extract from nature for making new products. EU regulation is requires 55 % materialrecycling within 2025. We are therefore planning a number of improvements over the coming years.

How to recycle

There will be significant changes in the system over the coming years. As of now, the system is as follows:

Link to the recycling guide


Newspapers, magazines, coardboard boxes (fold flat), drinking and food cartoons of cardboard, envelopes, commercials etc. This will be recycled to new paper products.

This bin is emptied every 5 weeks

Dangerous waste:

Products that can bring harm to the environment, such as spray boxes, paint, old parfynes and other household chemicals, old paint, oil, batteries, electronic products etc. Electronic products and batteries can be delivered for free to all shops that sell these items. Small products can be put in the red box. The box can be set out on the collection day, and the waste truck will put the content into separate chambers. Due to limited space on the trucks, you need to bring larger amounts and large containers such as old paint to Borgaredalen, our manned recycling station.

Packaging of glass and metall:

Glass botles without pledge, canned food containers, aliminium contaniners, metall tubes, tea light containers in aluminium etc. This waste should never be put in the residual Waste bin. Put it in the collection site nearest to you. Check this map to find your location.  They represent value that lowers the waste fee when sorted correctly and increases the fee when sorted as residual waste. Most importanty, recycling glass and metal is a great way to save the environment. The CO2 emission from recycled aluminium is only 10 % compared to bew alumunium. PS! Glass and metall that is not packaging are to be delivered to Borgaredalen recycling station. A broken drinking glass or plate can be put in residual waste.

Food leftovers

One of the best things you can do to limit you carbon foot print is to limit your food waste. Currently food is sorted as residual waste, but in a few years, you will get a separate bin for food waste. If you have a garden and would like to compost your food waste, you can join the compost program. That will give you a fee reduction. Karmøy kommune will subsidise 50 % of the cost of the compost bin, but you need to attent a free course first. Contact renovasjon@karmoy.kommune.no for more information.

Textiles and shoes

Pants, socks, underwear, curtins etc. These can be delivered in closed pastic bags to one of the many collection points on Karmøy, usually located close to grocery stores. The clothes need to be washed, but can have stains, holes etc. Some are redistributed, others will be recycled to new products.

Residual Waste

This bin is for everything else that cannot be recycled, excluding dangerous Waste. This is an expensive Waste type, so the less redidual we produce, the lower we can keep the waste fee. Residual Waste is collected every week, and sent to incineration that produce heating for houses and some electricity.

Collection routines

Make the bins available for Collection before 06:00 on your collection day, maximum 5 meters from where the waste truck drives. Click here to download the app “min renovation” to your phone. Click on the photos to get the app for Your phone. The app can give you remineders on the day before collection.

Alternatively, click on this link to enter your address directly in the browser to see when the waste is collected on your address.


Waste delivered to Borgaredalen recycling station

Other waste types and larger volumes can be brought to the recycling station. That will ensure environmental treatment of the waste and ensure that waste does not end up in the nature. We are working to recycle as many waste types as possible into new products as possible. Please see the page for Borgaredalen recycle station for more information and map to get there.


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